Holistic Nutrition is one piece of the puzzle. For anyone seeking optimal health and performance, I encourage you to consider visiting my colleagues to enhance your wellness.


vancouver-nutritionist-resources-accupunctureSabeeha Kurji

Sonia Tan

Vancouver BC

Pregnancy & Postpartum
vancouver-nutritionist-resources-prenatalCrystal Di Domizio RHN, HCHI
Pregnancy + Birth Healing Coach

Appointments available by Phone or Skype

Chiropractic Care
vancouver-nutritionist-resources-chiroDr. Avtar Jassal
Jassal Chiropractic

Vancouver BC

vancouver-nutritionist-resources-educationCanadian School of Natural Nutrition

Vancouver BC

Massage Therapy
vancouver-nutritionist-resources-massageHarmony Shire RMT
Bowen Island Massage Therapy

(604) 947-9755

Bowen Island BC
Naturopathic Care
vancouver-nutritionist-resources-ndDr. Keith Condliffe
Awen Health Centre

Vancouver, BC

Cooking Services
vancouver-nutritionist-resources-chefCara Roth, RHN
Personal Meal Preparation

Vancouver BC

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