1 Hour Nutrition and BIE – Winter Special


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1 hour Nutrition and Sensitivity Assessment with Bioenergetics session.

Bioenergetics is a Health Canada approved modality that help the body re-establish homeostasis with respect to the stressors to which it is most reactive. When back in balance, the body will rid itself of the symptoms you currently have.

Some of the most common symptoms people come to see me for include:

-Eczema & skin issues
-Intestinal & Digestive imbalances
-Sleep Disorders
-Food Sensitivities
-Seasonal/Pollen reactions
-Emotional disturbances & Anxiety
-Hormonal Disregulation
-Auto-immune diseases

If you’ve ever been told you’re stuck with these issues forever, I’m here to tell you that doesn’t have to be so.

For the month of March I’m offering an End of Winter Special for new clients who are curious about my services and want to experience a full Nutrition and Sensitivity Assessment and Bioenegetics Session.

Cost: $79 (regular $295)

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