I Can't Eat That!. A video testimonial

My daughter suffered from severe eczema, mainly around her eyes. After just one session with Rich, the skin around her eyes was almost completely clear! And after 2 session, you couldn’t even tell that my daughter ever had anything wrong with her skin. Thank you so much, Rich! Here’s a before and after photo:
J. Hing (Richmond, BC)

I’ve been feeling amazing since our first session!!!  Like a huge weight lifted off my shoulders and that all the energy that was being used for carrying that heavy load is now available for living LIFE!  I feel it has something to do with the emotions processing, because the change feels DRASTIC.  My skin is so much calmer too and eczema is definitely on its way out – redness and itchiness are pretty much gone now! 
I am seriously blown away with this work.  Thank you!!!
M. Selezeneva (Vancouver, BC)

After my first session, I feel a lot better! I was so surprised. My hives are not 100% gone yet, there were some breakouts but I don’t feel itchy as before anymore! What a miracle!

N. Nguyen (Vancouver, BC)

Before coming to Rich I had a lot of health issues with my digestive system, anxiety and inflammation in my nose, hands and tongue. I had allergies to food and the environment and had been taking allergy pills and nasal sprays. After the first session I stopped taking allergy pills and after second session I had no inflammation in the nasal passage and began breathing normally without the need for nasal sprays. Inflammation in the tongue is gone and hands feeling much better. I saw my allergist last week and I do not have any allergies to food or the environment. I was able to reduce anxiety medicine. Rich is very kind and patient. He listens to each and every issue that I have patiently. I am looking forward to more sessions with Rich to heal myself completely.

D. Bedi (Vancouver, BC)

My little boy has been suffering from FPIES. Since he is breastfed, my diet, as well as his, have severely restricted to only 2 or 3 foods. After working with Rich, I am now eating everything except grains, dairy and soy! And my son has 22 safe foods! I even got to make him a cake for his birthday! Thanks again, Rich!
D. Munro (Mission, BC)

I highly recommend Rich Ralph for dealing with allergies and sensitivities. This spring, in the midst of all the pollen, I am allergy-free. In the past, I would be snuffling and wheezing and constantly rubbing my eyes. Instead, I am cycling and walking through woods and gardens in an alert, alive state. Symptom-free for the first time in my life!
Thanks Rich!
C. Nesbitt (Vancouver, BC)

I had been living with chronic sinusitis for about 10 years when I went to see Rich. My symptoms seemed triggered by a specific event in my life, but what impressed me was that Rich deduced not only what was causing the symptoms, but the emotions behind the event that were triggering the reaction. Once we cleared those up, the symptoms almost completely disappeared! Imagine 10 years of suffering cleared up in merely 3 sessions. It’s especially impressive considering my doctor’s referral to an ENT specialist resulted in advice to use steroid sprays to manage the congestion and pursue nasal surgery to remove my nasal cavity linings, a strategy with negative side effects that didn’t consider emotional triggers at all. BIE is a powerful modality, but it takes a healer like Rich who is incredibly intuitive and asks the right questions for it to be truly effective. If you are open to exploring your own emotional triggers, the possibilities for healing with Rich are profound and limitless! Anything with an emotional root manifesting in a physical symptom could be game… Thank you Rich for your amazing work!!!
M. Chan (Bowen Island, BC)

After seeing Rich a few times, I had an appointment with my Naturopath who performed some tests. He was so surprised by the test results. He said it was like my body had begun healing itself at an accelerated rate! I’m so thankful and excited to continue with my progress. Thank you Rich!
P. Hohn (Bowen Island, BC)

I have noticed some changes since working with Rich. I haven’t needed my allergy pills! I’m able to breath through my nose better and I’m not suffering as I was prior to seeing Rich. Not having to take allergy pills daily is a huge accomplishment!
T. Skala (Vancouver, BC)

Rich offered a holistic approach to that was exactly what I needed. I am very thankful for Rich Ralph’s help as I have been free of pain in my intestines for a few weeks now, after suffering from this problem for 3 years!
C. Couve (Vancouver, BC)

I saw Rich Ralph in hopes of increasing my energy. I was lethargic and had trouble making it through my day without having an energy lull in the afternoon. After only a few treatments and a number of diet changes suggested by Rich my energy improved and my entire system felt renewed. Seeing Rich Ralph quickly improved my quality of life.
P. Dion (Bowen Island, BC)

The nutritional support that Rich provided to help me get over multiple food allergies has provided a level of relief and convenience in my life that I didn’t think I would ever be able to achieve. I am now able to eat foods that previously would have given me a lot of grief. It has taken out a lot of stress from my life to not have to scrutinize ingredient lists so carefully or have to be so pointed when asking what foods will be served at a work or family gathering. I’m happy to not have to be such a “picky” person anymore. I’m especially looking forward to being able to eat eggs easily on an upcoming trip. The investment feels incredibly worth it!
M. O'Connell (Bowen Island, BC)

I am extremely thrilled to report that my allergy symptoms to dogs are gone. Thank you so much! After almost 4 decades of suffering, this is pretty fantastic. Furry animals of any kind not only turned me into a sneezy mess but they also triggered major asthma attacks. (Some that even sent me to emergency clinics). I always needed to prepare myself to be in the company of animals by taking 2-4 medications. Some of which made me feel pretty terrible and some of which were category C drugs. A lot of the time I still felt pretty terrible even with the drugs. But at least they kept me almost functional. So after a few sessions it took a lot of courage for me to go to a home where two dogs lived – two dogs that I have always been extremely allergic to. I admit that I had my little pharmacy with me in my purse just in case I was still reacting. But no reaction ever came. I was in shock. And so was my family. No wheezing, sneezing misery. This is really nothing short of miraculous for me. And it just wasn’t one lucky day — I have spent several days with these dogs since and have felt 100% healthy. I have no doubt that I can be around cats and other animals with no problem, too. Thanks again.
J. Amzil (Richmond, BC)

I was away on a trip to Mexico, at an all inclusive resort, where I knew it may be tricky to eat well/eat what makes me feel good. I was apprehensive about how I would feel with the food and I knew I’d be eating vastly different than I normally do. I have to say, after a week I am shocked at how good I felt while I was there. I haven’t been able to eat wheat freely for about 4 years and I did so last week with no problem whatsoever – and that was after just one session! Even more amazing was not reacting to eggs. While I didn’t eat a whole egg I didn’t have to worry about what could contain eggs and enjoyed ice cream for the first time in ages (the sweet treat i love the most). I can’t thank you enough for the peace of mind and freedom I was able to have while travelling!

Tracy & Family (Langley, BC)

I want to thank Rich for the role he played in bringing into fruition/manifestation what my thoughts about my physical body have been ‘wishing’ for. How he assisted in my journey is beyond just the physical, as he also contributed to the growth of my energy- or what others term as soul. For that, I am truly grateful.
The past months have been a time of challenge, but challenges bring a time of rapid growth. Rich’s assistance has better prepared me to accept these challenges.
N. Tan (Vancouver, BC)

Before coming to see Rich, I was plagued by severe heartburn/indigestion. I was prescribed multiple types of medications which seemed to have less effect as time went on. After only 1 session with Rich, I feel 100% better! It’s amazing to been completely free of medication and the pain and discomfort I used to have everyday
S. Power (Vancouver, BC)

I have been seeing Rich as a part of my healing plan, and he has helped me in ways I couldn’t have imagined. We worked on balancing my hormones, food allergies, and now my hearing. I have worn hearing aids in both ears for 26 years, and it has progressively gotten worse to the point of being diagnosed with “moderately severe-severe hearing loss”. While I was told my whole life that my hearing could never get better, I knew that it could. After only a few sessions with Rich, I started needing to turn the car stereo volume down from 14 to 5, and the volume on my hearing aids had to be reduced as everything was too loud! I am SO excited that Rich was able to help bring my body to a state where it can start healing. Thank you Rich!!
L. Hillier (Richmond, BC)

For the past five years I have suffered from severe Rheumatoid Arthritis. I have been on numerous chemo drugs prescribed to me by a well-known Rheumatologist, which caused severe side effects, including gaining over 50 lbs, lack of energy, depression and many other symptoms. After just three sessions with Rich I am off ALL pain medications, have no inflammation, and am pain free for the first time in five years. I have lost all cravings for sugar (an addiction I had) or any wheat products. My energy in unlike anything I can remember and I have never felt “clearer” in all my life. If you are willing to do the work that Rich suggests to best support your healing process, your life will forever be changed. I am so grateful to have been referred to Rich and would highly recommend him to anyone.
I. Heckhausen (Abbotsford, BC)

HUGE shoutout to Rich Ralph Vancouver Nutritionist for helping with our eldest daughter’s eczema! Her eczema is completely GONE! All summer her arms have been as smooth as a baby’s butt (and do I know baby’s butts!), when normally the heat causes flare-ups and itching. I didn’t even have to use creams or oils, simply au naturel. We are SO GRATEFUL for your help in helping with our daughter’s emotional and food triggers, and it only took a few appointments! You rock! If you live in Vancouver and either you or your kids have any allergies or food sensitivities, this is the guy to see. Nuff said.
M. Morong (Vancouver, BC)

After working with Rich for only 2 appointments, I was told by my cardiologist that my cholesterol levels had improved dramatically and I was able to reduce 2 of my medications by half!
P. Lamont (Vancouver, BC)

I started feeling itchiness in my throat whenever I would eat a banana. The day after working with Rich, I was able to eat a banana with no sign of a reaction!
R. Farnsworth (Port Moody, BC)

Before I started working with Rich, I couldn’t eat anything except for certain green vegetables and fish. I wish I knew about his services before I had gotten to that point – it could have saved me a lot of pain. I started seeing results soon after the first session. The week following my first session, I ate almonds, quinoa, and chickpeas and had no reaction. I hadn’t been able to eat these things in a very long time. Now, I can eat any whole, good quality food without a reaction – even whole wheat and dairy products.
Instead of having to focus all my energy on my health, I actually have room in my life to truly enjoy living it. This year, my mom hosted a huge family Thanksgiving. In the past, family gatherings were very hard for me and I usually avoided them. It was embarrassing and challenging to not be able to eat what everyone else was eating. I would sit there with my plain green beans and fish while everyone ate their turkey and stuffing and pie. This year, we had a potluck, and everyone brought different dishes. I put whatever I liked on my plate and enjoyed my meal just like everyone else – with no fear of reactions. It was amazing!
J. Charles (Vancouver, BC)

In the past I would get hives on my forearms when around dogs. Since I love dogs we decided to get a puppy and deal with the problem. I only needed to see Rich twice to experience results. I no longer get hives when around dogs or playing with my own dog and other dogs. It’s such a relief to be able to have a dog in my life again!
N. Gordon (Vancouver, BC)

I found Rich to be very professional, compassionate and knowledgeable about nutrition & health and was very effective at communicating hard ideas into simple explanations. I enjoyed my session and would recommend Rich for anyone that is looking to help improve their diet, understand nutrition and reduce allergy or sensitivity reactions.
P. Sabhaney (Vancouver, BC)

Since being diagnosed with Celiac Disease, I had also developed type two diabetes. Now I have absolutely no symptoms of either. I am happier and healthier than I have ever been.
K. Monteith (Golden, BC)

I used to avoid apples, avocados, and some nuts because I would get an itchy throat after eating them. After 1 session with Rich I can eat these things with no more itching! I enjoy incorporating those foods back into my diet, and don’t worry about needing to avoid them any more.
R. White (Toronto, ON)

Rich is welcoming in his demeanor, knowledgeable in his field, thorough in his evaluation, and precise in his execution. He is committed to understanding his clients’ issues and develops a tailored recovery plan for each unique body & mind. After one session with Rich, I am confident that we are working as a team with my health and recovery at the forefront of our objectives.
L. Ireland (Vancouver, BC)

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