EMF'sAt any given moment, our bodies are exposed to countless molecules, particles and frequencies. We inhale, consume, absorb and even manufacture substances such as vitamins, minerals, pollen, enzymes, proteins, chemicals and hormones. Incredibly, we are able to recognize and process everything to which we are exposed. The body simply knows to absorb vital minerals, and eliminate harmful substances. But what is the mechanism by which we are able to instantly determine what substances are good and which are bad, and what to do with all of these things? Modern science now shows us that when we view any matter at a microscopic level, the sub-atomic particles which make up that matter literally emit an energetic frequency. When a substance is introduced to the body, we ‘read’ and interpret the frequency of that item. If the body recognizes the frequency, it will respond accordingly. However, if the frequency is unrecognizable, the body could have an adverse reaction.

Although modern technology is now allowing us to witness and understand these concepts of energy and frequencies, it could simultaneously be contributing to issues with the bodies ability to distinguish between safe and harmful substances. Cell phones are a perfect example. We know that cell phones emit powerful electro-magnetic frequecies (EMF’s) allowing data to be invisibly transported from one location to another. These frequencies travel through windows, walls, cars and even people. As EMF’s penetrate the body, these frequencies will manipulate and distort the frequencies of all other items inside us. When an EMF from a cell phones bounces into a specific food, protein, mineral, etc., the frequency of that item is skewed and becomes something which the body may struggle to recognize. And thus, a sensitivity or allergy may be born. Since we are not able to interpret this new frequency to which we have just been exposed, the body will store this memory so when it is presented again, we will see this substance as dangerous and an adverse reaction could result.

Fortunately there are some things we can do to reduce our exposure to EMF’s and help rebalance to a state of natural health.

Avoid using cordless phones. Believe it or not, cordless phones give off almost as much EMF as a cell phone.
Invest in EMF Protection technology. EarthCalm is a company that makes devices that can be used in the home, on the body, and now even attached to your cell phone to help dissipate the dangerous flood of electro-magnetic frequencies in which we are walking around everyday.
Refrain from using a microwave. If you must use one, try to be at least 30-40 feet away from it when in use
Never sleep with a cell phone near your bed
If you live in an apartment, avoid putting your bed against a shared wall with the neighbour. You never know what electronics may be plugged in on the other side.
Turn off all electronics in the bedroom during sleeping hours.
Invest in Bioenergetic Intolerance Elimination. This amazing technique helps the body by clearing incorrect frequency information being stored in the cells and reintroduces the proper frequencies so the body can begin to recognize substances of which it was previously confused.
Allergies and sensitivities are growing at an alarming rate around the globe. But we don’t have to sit idly and become victims to old ways of thinking. Gone are the days of “just live with it”. As our understanding of the full potential of human health continues to evolve, we are starting to see more people taking an active approach to their well-being. People are turning their health around and overcoming that which others have told them would be permanent.

What allergy would you eliminate if you could?