LemonsThis is a simple tip with huge effects! Squeeze the juice of a quarter of an organic lemon into a glass of water. You may need to start with less lemon and work up to a quarter if you find it too sour in the beginning. Try drinking this immediately upon waking, about 20 minutes before you eat anything. Simple enough for you?

The lemon water has various benefits to your health. First, this will stimulate hydrochloric acid production which will allow you to digest your food better. Second, your metabolism receives a nice kick-start from the lemon-water which will set your body up for better digestion for the rest of the day. Third, the bitterness helps with liver function and detoxification. A sluggish liver can contribute to everything from poor complexion to low energy. If you make lemon-water part of your regular morning routine, you may notice improvements in many areas of your health. And finally, drinking lemon water helps balance electrolytes and promotes the uptake of water into your cells making hydration easier.

Don’t underestimate the power of this little tip! Due to it’s strong cleansing effect on the liver, it is possible you may start to feel worse for a couple days before you feel better. As the body begins eliminating toxins, it is common to experience what is commonly referred to as a ‘healing crisis’. Not everyone will go through this, but just be aware that it is natural and a necessary part of regaining good health.